Thursday, May 15, 2008

Formulary Newsletter: Download the June issue now

Click here to download the June issue of the Photographers' Formulary monthly newsletter. 1. Read about photographer-architect, Larry Wright, and how he used photography in a 35 year career as an architect. Architects see in two dimensions when they look through a view finder, he says, while photographers see in three dimensions. Using his attention to detail as a architect to look for photographs as he walks or drives around town, Larry blends this point of view with the photographer's ability to compose an arresting image. 2. The Formulary 2008 summer workshops begin in a few days. Read about three coming up shortly. Sandy King, (Carbon Transfer and Van Dyke Printing,) Kerik Kouklis (Introduction to Platinum/Palladium & Gum Bichromate,) and Jerry Spagnoli, (Daguerreotype: A Contemporary Approach,) each an expert in their field, will return to the Formulary to offer their help in learning these early alternative processes. 3. Professor Bill Jay is on the move. Retired from the University of Arizona and living in San Diego, California for several years, Bill is about to move to Costa Rica. But before he goes he's published his latest book, Album. Album is a selection of 100 portraits of photographers Bill has met during his career as head of the department of the history of photography. Read about his new book in this article. 4. Check out the Formulary Blog movie list. It's a growing collection of video interviews or demonstrations of many of today's finest photographers. 5. Don't miss the June Specials. Here's a chance to save on chemistry you can use.