Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Aprl 2012 Photographers' Formulary Newsletter

The April 2012 Photographers' Formulary Newsletter is Ready for Download

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This month we welcome a guest from The Land Down Under. Ms. Kathie Nichols of the Gold Coast of Australia is self taught, first as a painter, and more recently as a photographer. Kathie discovered the joys of photography as she took snapshots to use as models for her paintings, and stumbled on Abstract Macro Photography. You know, the little Flower symbol on your digital camera? Nichols discovered a whole new world eight years ago and has been exploring it ever since.

Then take advantage of Malin Fabbri's offer of a free book, Pinhole to Print, in return for your registration for a year's Supporting Membership in Alternative Photography.com. Sign up for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, (it's April 29 this year,) and have a blast using one of the earliest means of capturing your image.

The Newsletter Specials feature Formulary Toners this month. The featured specials are 15% off, and a good bargain.

The 2012 Summer Workshops are rushing up on us. Four featured June workshops are on a single page for your easy selection. Sign up for yours now using the 2012 workshop application attached to the newsletter. If you can't make it in June, the entire 2012 Summer Schedule is attached for your review. Remember, click on the title of any workshop to automatically download the full size PDF description.

Anthony Mournian, editor
Photographers' Formulary Newsletter
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