Monday, January 17, 2011

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times is running a "Win a Trip with Nick" contest. The deadline to post video entries is midnight, January 18 and some people are having problems uploading their video to Kristof's YouTube channel.

After his own struggle to post a video on Kristof's site, Formulary editor, Anthony Mournian, developed a set of instructions of how to make it happen - now!

Here they are, in a message to a person who was having a problem. Step by step. Follow them and your worries are over:

Dear Ms. J____,

Thank you for writing. I had no problem uploading the movie to my own video channel on YouTube; my problem was in trying to attach my first upload to Kristof's blog. It took a while to figure it out because the problem is in the YouTube software. I have many other videos on YouTube and while the software purports to allow you to choose from a list of your movies, only the FIRST 50 or so are available.

In the end I uploaded a second movie, with a slightly different title to fool the YouTube censors, but loaded it using the following:

So here it is, in one easy lesson.

1. I went to Nicholas Kristof's YouTube channel,

2. I clicked on the link below the movie, Opinion: Win-a-Trip With Nicholas D. Kristof-

4. Clicking in the rectangle below the movie, "All Comments," reveals "Sign in or Sign Up Now to Post a Comment."

5. Click the "Sign in" link if you have a YouTube account already, or the Sign Up" link if you don't have one yet.

6. Once you are signed in the All Comments rectangle enlarges, giving you 500 characters to write, and, off to the side, the chance to "Attach a Video."

7. Clicking on the "Attach a video" takes you to this link: saying "You are posting a video response to" - - - - "

8. Immediately below that line you choose between "Choose a Video" and "Upload a Video." Click on Upload a video

9. From here on it's the same process as uploading a video on your own video channel. Click on "Click "Start" to begin uploading your video response." This takes you to:

10. You will either click the Upload Video (in the yellow button,) or the blue link, "Record from webcam."

If you choose Upload Video you find your movie on your own computer and click on the movie title. Uploading begins automatically.

I see there are many YouTube movies uploaded by different "Monica Jones" so I am unable to know which one is you. I wish you luck, though I hope I get to go!

I will call you later today to make sure you have been able to upload your movie.

My best wishes,

Anthony Mournian