Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Al Weber and David Vestal to teach “That Old Time Photography”

No, that’s not really the name of the workshop, but it is the style of two photographers with more than 100 years of experience between them. David Vestal writes a monthly column for Photo Techniques, giving his take on every aspect of his profession, leavening it with his wry, dry Connecticut sense of humor. Al Weber, a crustacean from California, gives his no nonsense approach to the process; from taking the photograph to massaging the negative in the traditional darkroom for the best results.

David and Al do not agree on all things. Either is more than willing to chime in with an opinion that contradicts the other, and yet their class is one of the gems of the Formulary workshop schedule.

It’s likely that David will bring, “The True History of Photography,” a slideshow he created for a New York college class. It’s photography as you never knew it, from photographers you’ve never heard of, and spans more than 150 years of work.

Al brings a different perspective. A commercial photographer who focused on color for many years, he is also a master of black and white. He knows the traditional “wet” darkroom inside and out, and he can show you tricks you’ve never heard of. Al has taught workshops for close to 50 years, and during many summers he ran the workshops in Yosemite for Ansel Adams.

If you’ve been thinking of a workshop that combines old-fashioned photography with large doses of personal attention from not one, but two well-known, highly experienced and talented photographer-instructors, then this is the workshop you’ve been waiting for. It’s called a Photography Seminar, but it’s much more than that. Don’t miss it.

Click here to watch Al Weber as he begins an explanation of the Zone System during a photo shoot at Soledad Mission in Soledad, California.

Photography Seminar --  June 22-June 27

Call 1-800-922-5255 to reserve your space -- Tuition: $ 825.00

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