Saturday, April 5, 2008

Printing in Photogravure with Karl Koenig

July 13-July 18, 2008

Click here, to watch a four minute slideshow movie of Karl Koenig as he demonstrates the modern version of the Photogravure alternative process.

The original method of photogravure involved highly toxic chemistry and required acid and copper plates. In his workshop Karl teaches the newer and much more benign method which is sometimes called Solar Printing, in which the image is burned onto a polymer coated (light sensitive) thin steel plate and developed in water.

After the plate is cured with more UV exposure (it’s now an intaglio surface) you’ll learn to “ink up,” then wipe the plate. You’ll place a sheet of printing paper on top of the plate, then “hand pull” the etching press. (You can get some idea of what these gravure images can look like by going to Karl’s website.

Gravure lends itself to an infinite combination of inks to produce an infinite range of colors. Multiple plates can be used in registration to achieve polychromatic results or the gravures can be selectively hand colored.

This will be a fast moving, high energy workshop. From the first get-together on Sunday evening to the final meeting on Friday morning, expect to be on the move and learning one of the most intriguing and enduring of the alternative processes. It’s no surprise that Edward S. Curtis used photogravure extensively in his epic twenty year career photographing the series, The North American Indian.

Click here to watch Karl as he demonstrates Gumoil, the alternative process he invented in 1990.

Call 1-800-922-5255 to reserve your space -- Tuition: $ 725.00

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