Monday, October 8, 2007

2008 Workshop Schedule Underway

Holland Falls, Montana
Photo: Sherry Maloughney

Tim Rudman's workshops, "Lith Printing and Toning," finished out our 2007 summer schedule. As Tim and his class said their fond farewells, Lynn Wilson, workshop director, was already hard at work on the 2008 slate of workshops.

A juggler and a magician would have a hard time keeping all the balls in the air as Lynn works with up to thirty instructors to coordinate their schedules and nail down dates. It's a bit like working with a Ouija board.

If you have suggestions for workshops or photographers you would like as instructors, let us know. The Photographers' Formulary is committed to promoting and preserving the 19th Century Alternative Processes, and we need your help to find and to offer the most qualified, talented and engaging men and women to teach you. If you have a name, send it to us. You can always send it to the Formulary, or you can send it to me.

We'll get the schedule out to you as quickly as it begins to fill up. If history is any gauge, the first draft will be out by mid-November, but this year expect to see the final schedule sooner than ever before!

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