Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tomorrow will be a better day

The fires are raging in Malibu and San Diego. Sunday, as I drove south from King City just south of Salinas to San Diego, I was forewarned of the Malibu fire and planned my route accordingly. I also knew of the fire in Ramona, about 25 miles northeast of my home, but felt it would have little impact on San Diego.

How wrong I was. The "Witch Creek" fire and the "Harris" fire roared through the hot, dry Santa Ana coming off the California deserts. All night long they broadcast images, and warnings. Warnings to this neighborhood and that one, Advisory Evacuation, Mandatory Evacuation. Go to this high school or that one. Take your important papers, but don't delay. Leave before leaving becomes an emergency exit. Your life is more important than anything you own.

By and large the advisories were followed, but here and there someone would decide to make a stand against the flames. One man died, his fifteen year old son is burned over more than 50% of his body. They went back to rescue some belongs.

Tonight is better. It's cooler and there seems to be some moisture in the air. This is in contrast to the zero to 10% humidity of last night.

Tomorrow promises to be a better day. The red sun of this morning, and the eerie red-orange-yellow sun of this evening should give way to familiar night and morning low clouds along the coast, clearing by midday, with cool breezes off the ocean.

Think of your friends and mine. Give them a call or send them an email. I've received many of both and I can tell you it makes a difference in mood.

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