Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tim Rudman has some ideas:

This is a portion of a note received from Tim Rudman, lith printing instructor:

To participants of my Lith printing workshops at The Photographer’s Formulary in 2003 & 2005

Dear Workshop Friends,

I am writing to notify you of 2 items which may be of interest to you as a previous lith print ‘workshopper’: Firstly a new style ‘Alumni’ lith printing workshop to be run at the Formulary next year (2008). This has come about at the specific request of this year’s two lith workshop groups. Secondly an alumni gallery page on my new website currently under construction

Alumni group workshops:
Following our 2 large lith printing workshops at The Formulary this year, several members have asked for a follow-up ‘alumni group’ course next year, restricted to those who have already been on a full 5 day lith course with me. I hadn’t planned to return until 2009, but I am very happy to come over to the US in 2008 for this, if there is a demand.

The suggested purpose of this alumni workshop would be, rather than beginning again from scratch, to consolidate what has already been learned and provide a supervised workshop where people could obtain guidance, advice and support to take their new skills on to another level.

This course (or courses) could therefore have quite a different structure - or even be fairly structureless - apart from allocating certain days or portions of days to toning or bleach/redevelopment etc.

We wouldn’t need to start on day 1 from basics, or be limited in the first day or two to few techniques and materials.

Its main function could be therefore a forum for practice and experimentation with advice on hand from me - but that is still wide open to ideas and discussion.

We probably already have enough firm commitments from this year’s group to hold one such course.
From the Formulary’s point of view, they really need to run 2 workshops with me back to back, because of the expense in flying me over. So we could either run the 2nd week as a beginners week, or possibly another alumni week, hence this email to some of the participants of the 2003 and 2005 workshops (we only have some email addresses)

I would very much like your views on this (either way) – either to me privately, or perhaps better, in open forum by using the ‘reply all’ button, then we can share our ideas.

Specifically I would like to know:
1) Would you be interested? At the level of i)No, ii) probably, iii) Definitely. The planned dates are in October 2008.
2) What would you like covered and how?
3) Any other ideas/suggestions?

Alumni Gallery Images

I’ve been thinking about some of the great images that came out of these workshops over the years, and I think it would be a super idea to include an Alumni gallery of workshop images on my website-to-be. So why not send me some scans now of your favourites from the workshops and I’ll hold them in a file until the website is ready.

Scan files should be medium to good quality jpegs about 800 pixels on the longest side with any basic data included (your name, paper, dev., etc) and maybe a straight and a lith version would also be interesting if you have them.

I’m also thinking about setting up a web gallery of lith artists’ work. I don’t think there is one anywhere and there really should be. This probably isn’t going to be a commercial site, although it could be if so desired. I haven’t thought that through yet. Also, I don’t yet know if this will be connected to my website of a standalone separate site, but if you would like to send anything for consideration for that too please do so. Those would not have to have been made on a workshop of course and I hope to ask a number of printers to submit work in due course so that we can have an internet hub, where people can come and see different styles and techniques and of course pick up links to all the contributors’ sites.

I have really enjoyed these Formulary workshops with you all, they were all great fun, and it would be great to meet up together again .

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